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Give Back to Your Decatur Community!

Our church recently decided to sponsor a refugee family in partnership with another local church.  They asked for donations of furniture, lamps, school supplies, bedding, alarm clocks and a number of other household items.

​In thinking about what extra things are cluttering my Atlanta home, I realized that my excess would probably furnish several family homes.

Aside from a semi-annual clearing ​of clothes dropped at the Salvation Army and an occasional bag of books donated to my local Decatur library, that's usually the extent of my annual household donations.  A major clear out is in my future!

​Who could utilize all those extra lampshades and lamps we never use, the paintings and pictures we thought we might hang again, or the duplicate glasses, mugs, and stainless silverware taking up space.  What about those outgrown toys, car seats, an extra table and bookcase, old towels folded away, yarn and fabric never used, baskets gathering dust?

When you are clearing out, here are a few Decatur organizations that could use your donations:

  • The American Kidney Foundation - If you live in Decatur, their trucks will come to your house for pickup.  Call them at 770-609-2200.  They accept furniture, clothing, etc.
  • Decatur Cooperative Ministry - In kind or cash donations - check their website for detailed information about needed items - no clothese but do accept packaged food items.
  • Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta - 404-356-8630 - can make arrangements for pickup of used furniture
  • Your Local Decatur Veterinarian - Old towels are always a welcome donation.
    • If you are in the process of moving or contemplating a move in theDecatur area, now is an excellent to weed out all those items that could be useful to someone else. It seems we all have too much "stuff"!
    • Originally published by Atlanta Decatur Homes on 8/11/2016
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Give Back to Your Decatur Community!
Our church recently decided to sponsor a refugee family in partnership with another local church. They asked for donations of furniture, lamps, school supplies, bedding, alarm clocks and a number of other household items. ​In thinking about what… more
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